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About HealthKit

HealthKit is a global platform for patients and practitioners around the world that is making healthcare efficient, effective and accessible for everyone everywhere. With practitioners in over 40 different countries globally, HealthKit is one of the widest networks of practitioners and patients in the world.

For practitioners, HealthKit is the first practice management software customized to any practitioner of any profession in any country in the world. HealthKit doesn't just reduce your administration - it removes it, so you can focus solely on patients. HealthKit is tailored specifically for sole, group and multi-disciplinary practices.

Patients and people everywhere can find the right practitioner for you in your country with one of the most extensive directory of practitioners available anywhere in the world. You can track and manage your health online, share your records with your practitioners and even see a practitioner onlineā€¦ all in the one place!

Best of all, by using HealthKit you're contributing to global efforts to cure the world's health problems.

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