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Invoices and payments

Automate all invoicing with HealthKit

HealthKit's unique integrated workflow streamlines and automates all your invoices and payments in your practice. Whenever you make a booking, HealthKit automatically creates a completely customised invoice that meeds the specific requirements for any funding body and for any patient or organisation. HealthKit lets you:

  • Create invoices for appointments, item purchases, reports, assessments and any other charges
  • Manage different funding body requiremetns automatically including private, Medicare, DVA, workers' compensation schemes and third-party invoices
  • Add multiple fees to any invoice
  • Email invoices to patients or funding bodies

Transform your practice with payments processing

You can process patient fee payments electronically with the click of a button. HealthKit's auto payments transform your practice because they:

  • Ease the pressure on your waiting room
  • Reduce staff stress and
  • Enable patients to get on with their day

To automate your patient payments and invoicing, sign up to HealthKit below - it takes less than a minute

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