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Health Informatics

Health informatics has more potential to save lives than drug innovations alone. "Big data for health", as it has been dubbed, uses anonymized health data to find correlations and connections between previously unrelated parameters within patient and population sets in order to cure the world's health problems, improving and saving millions of lives.

For practitioners this will translate into clinical decision support tools in HealthKit that can enhance patient care and for patients it will translate into improved tools in HealthKit that you can use to track your health.

Through its global health community, HealthKit is building the largest, most unique health longitudinal data sets in the world, from which seemingly unconnected correlations and connections can be analyzed in anonymized form to find cures to conditions and diseases that improve the lives of people all over the world.

By using HealthKit, you're contributing to improved health for future generations of people all over the world, while also gaining access to tools to improve your own health.

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