HealthKit training videos

Below are our training videos that show you how to use key modules within HealthKit. You can also see very short Mini Videos videos here showing how the answers to some of our FAQs.

Getting started training video

Watch this short training video [12:04] to get up and running on HealthKit in a matter of minutes! This video covers the main HealthKit features and functions, including:

HealthKit calendar video

This video [3:04] shows how you can run your whole practice from your HealthKit calendar and also covers the key features of your calendar, including:

HealthKit directory and online bookings

Find out everything you need to know about directory profiles and online bookings in this video [1:49], including:

HealthKit reminders video

Find out everything you need to know about reminders and notifications in this reminder video [2:31], including:

Clinical invoicing for any funding body

This training video [16.31] introduces you to all aspects of clinical invoicing, including:

  • The different type of invoices handled
  • Creating invoices from an appointment [0:45]
  • Adding fees from global fees database [0:49]
  • Adding private fees [1:15]
  • Viewing the invoice [1:32]
  • Processing fee payments [2:01]
  • Deleting an invoice [2:40]
  • Adding fees from the Finances tab [2:45]
  • Setting different fee amounts for different practitioners [2:59]
  • Creating invoices from the Finances tab [3:25]
  • Creating Medicare, Bulk Bill and DVA invoices [4:13]
  • Adding referral details [5:03]
  • Processing a Bulk bill invoice [6:03]
  • Processing a DVA invoice [6:41] including travel fees [7:13]
  • Processing third party invoices such as workers compensation, traffic accident programs, NDIS, Comcare, schools, EAP providers and corporates[7:38]
  • Invoicing for traffic accident programs [8:15] including how to group charges and create an invoice schedule [8:27]
  • Creating invoices for Comcare [10:40] and NDIS [11:53] including creating referrals
  • Creating invoices where an external organisation is paying, for example insurance providers [13:03]
  • Creating invoices for other third party organisations such as ATAPS [13:52]and EAPs [14:52]

Payments processing

HealthKit's payments processing function handles your patient fee payments automatically so you do not need to handle payments. This video [2:25] shows you:

You can view current payments processing costs here.

Medicare and DVA rebates claiming

With HealthKit, you can process patient, bulk bill and DVA rebates electronically in one click or in a batch. This video [7:26] shows you:

Financial reports

Watch this training video [4.02] to learn how quickly you can produce Financial reports in HealthKit, including:

  • Benefits of using the reports
  • Where to find the reports [0.41]
  • A list of available reports: [0.46]
  • The different reports parameters [1.38]
  • Printing and exporting to Excel [2.55]
  • Saving the report [3.00]
  • Setting up a regular reporting schedule [3.11]
  • Report similarities [3.25]

Xero integration

You can sync your HealthKit with your Xero account, and this video [1:45] shows you how, including:

  • Your different syncing options [0:12] for group practices [0:17] and sole practices [0:37]
  • Authorising your HealthKit and Xero syncing [0:47]
  • Setting up your syncing preferences [0:56] , including your syncing history [0:59] and directing your HealthKit invoices to specific accounts within Xero [1:04]
  • Accessing an invoice's syncing status and history [1:16] and seeing a HealthKit invoice in Xero [1:23]
  • Cancelling your Xero syncing [1:29] and changing your syncing preferences [1:37]

You can see more information about the HealthKit and Xero syncing process on the Xero Syncing page of this manual, including specific things to note about how syncing works.

Stock and inventory management

You can manage your clinical and non-clinical stock and inventory in HealthKit - this video includes:

Managing users and access levels

Practitioners and administrative staff with full access can add, remove and manage access for practitioners and administrative staff within their practice - in this video [2:23] you can see:

Where do I go for help?

This short video introduces you to our Help Guide

Future videos

We are rolling out training videos on a range of topics over the coming months, so please check back soon!