Medipass integration and claiming with HealthKit

Setting up Medipass

HealthKit integrates with HICAPS Go via its payment portal Medipass for simple online claiming, without the need for a stand-alone terminal, with integration to all major insurance providers. This means you receive payments quickly. For patients, they can enable insurance claims and out of pocket payment, right from their smartphone.

If you have any issues with Medipass claims, please call Medipass on 1800 80 57 80.

Register with Medipass

Registering with Medipass

1. To begin processing HICAPS claims online, you need to register with Medipass using this link. Medipass can confirm their latest fees for their service 1800 80 57 80.

2. After registration is complete, login to Medipass and go to Account settings. At the bottom of the page you will find a Key with which you need to connect to HealthKit. Highlight the code and copy it.

You do not need a standalone terminal to use Medipass.

How to connect Medipass and your HealthKit

Conecting Medipass with your HealthKit

On the Settings page under your Profile tab in your HealthKit, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the + Add API Key button next to Medipass under Integrations
  2. Select your Medipass setting level depending on your practice's needs - there are 3 levels:
Access to accounts
Level Description
Group level When all practitioners in the group use the same account and all payments are processed to the one account.
Clinic level When multiple practice locations use different biller accounts and payments are processed to different accounts depending on the practice location. You can choose the specific clinics that can process healthfund claims.
Individual When practitioners work across multiple clinics and may need to switch between a group and their own. You can nominate which practitioners will have access to the account; you can nominate access to all clinics or to selected clinics.

Add the API Key which you copied on the Medipass website, Account Settings page

Information required to complete a Medipass claim

For a payment to be accepted for online processing, several criteria must be met - specifically:

  • HICAPS Item Number must be used;
  • Provider Number: all provider numbers that you use for private health claims should be registered with Medipass. You can enter this in the Identification section on the invoice and
  • Date of Birth and Email of the Medipass member must be the same. Your patient needs to download the HICAPS Go app from their app store on their phone and register.

Processing health fund claims through Medipass

How to process a Medipass health fund claim in HealthKit

You can complete the following steps to process health fund claims:

  1. Click the Medipass button on the invoice in the Payments section;
  2. Click the Process button. Your invoice will display as Payment Pending;
  3. Your patient will receive a notification on their phone which they will need to accept in order for you to be paid. Refresh your screen and your HealthKit invoice will display as "Completed".

If your patient rejects the notification, the invoice will change to Failed.

Cancelling and deleting claims

If the patient has not approved the payment (or responded) within 15 minutes of it being processed, you can cancel the payment by clicking the Delete button. You can also click Delete to reset the claim if a mistake has been made.

A claim that has been submitted and approved by the patient and which is showing as Complete, can be deleted (if an error was made), before 9.45pm EST the same day. After 9.45pm, the Delete button will no longer appear on screen.

Purchasing HealthKit credits

Claims processed through Medipass are 3 HealthKit credits. One credit is $0.22AUD.

To purchase HealthKit credits, go to the Payments page under your Profile tab and click the Purchase Credits icon. Enter the value of HealthKit credits that you would like to purchase, and HealthKit tells you the number of credits that can be purchased for that credit amount (for example, $30 gets you 137 credits). Complete your payment details, and click the Add button to confirm purchase.

You can also buy and top up HealthKit credits in bulk and save, whilst improving your practice. You can read about bulk discounts on your Payments page.

Automatic top up of HealthKit credits

You can set HealthKit credits to automatically top up when there are 10 credits left, thus ensuring that you always have enough credits for claims to be processed without you needing to check how many credits you have left.

Auto top up is initially disabled, and you can enable it by clicking the Modify button. In the Amount field, enter the amount that you wish to be automatically added when you have 10 credits left. Click the Enable button to enable Auto top up.

Watch this mini video for more information on HealthKit credits.


How do I set up Medipass and how do I process a Medipass claim?

You need to register your interest here with Medipass then follow the links to copy the Key. If you have previously registered, just copy the key. After that you need to link Medipass and HealthKit on the Settings page. Once you are linked, open the invoice, select a HICAPs fee, choose the appropriate provider number and click the Medipass button.